Hamdons Youth Group The Hamdons Youth Group run two Youth Club sessions per week one in Stoke and one in Norton sub Hamdon. Wednesday evenings the Youth Club is in the Meeting Room at the Village Hall in Norton sub Hamdon from 7.00 – 9.00pm. The sessions alternate each week between Youth Club and Youth Council. Both are open to anyone in Year 7 and above. Youth Club provides a range of activities to have a go at and an opportunity to meet and chat with your friends. The Youth Council is your change to have your say and get involved with local events, issues and give the Youth of the area ¬†voice. The Stoke Club runs on Monday evenings at the Methodist Church Hall in Stoke sub Hamdon from 7.00 – 9.00pm and is again open to everyone in school Year 6 and above. We have a range of equipment from pool tables to Wii to games and comfy chairs. 50p per session. The group have their own Hamdons Youth Group¬†page on Facebook which provides information about sessions, events and activities. For further information please contact Lou Chant on 07402987921 or lou.chant@cyp.me.uk   Current Programme – Nov – Dec Monday yrs 9+ Nov – Dec Monday yrs 6-9